Wilson 2019
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Wilson November 10th 2009 to June 10th 2019

They say that every dog has his day well Wilson ’Wils’ had his day everyday whilst he was with us. Such a fantastic dog.

Wils and Ella came to us as Westie Rescues on 15th May 2017, he had some medical issues, but that did not matter. Wils and Els just inserted themselves into our lives as though they had never been anywhere else.

Trips to the beach, local dog parks, the woods. He loved going out in the car, he would sit on the arm rest next to the driver, and watch the world in front of him. At meal times you would feel him nudge your leg with his nose, as if to say ”come on Dad get a move on, daylights a burning!!!”

Even when he got cancer he was lively and alert till his last day. He had breakfast went out came back had a treat (loved Sushi and Herring treats). Then later came and joined me for a cookie or two then went to his Mum laid down next to her and peacefully passed away.

There’s lots more that could be said about a great pal, but if you’re a dog lover especially a Westie Lover you know how we feel.

We miss you a hell of lot Buddy, you will never be forgotten.

Bob and Pat and Ella

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