Teddi '13
Teddi - March 2008 (3)


August 20th, 1997 – November 2nd, 2013

He came into our lives with his brother in 2007 from WRC. They both brought such joy, unconditional love, companionship, and happiness for 6 years.
n November 2nd it was with very heavy hearts that we had to let Teddi go. He lived to the ripe old age of 16 years, 3 months. He beat lung cancer for a little over a year, but another tumour grew.
We were heartbroken . . . our tears still flow . . . Teddi was “special” – an old soul, a mini human in a dog’s body . . . he communicated . . . he was intelligent and he “got it” . . . 
He made us laugh & tested our patience . . . for he could be a “little bugger”, especially when it came to food. He just loved to eat . . . he was a foodie!
Teddi loved his walks, the garden and lying in the sun, and loved to be held, for he truly was a lap dog. He was the alpha male, tough and strong,bossing his brother around, but loveable & adorable, all at the same time.
Teddi lived with conviction . . . his disposition and mannerisms uncanny,his sense of self worth well beyond. 
He was a “true character” and “he knew it”, and played it for all it was worth.
His passion for life -strong . . . his heart of gold - massive and enduring . . .  Teddi was truly intoxicating.
His love for his adoptive family, Greg, his dad; Rose & Ron, his grandma and grandpa; Darlene & Joe, his aunt and uncle was undeniable and beyond measure. He gave so much . . . and we gained even more.Teddi was “cherished” and will forever live on in our hearts. We gather strength from memoriesand feel blessed to have had him as a member of our family.
Teddi, “run like the wind” with Billie over the rainbow bridge . . . we miss and thank you both for your loyalty, friendship,and unwavering, unconditional love.
We are all better people for have, having the privilege of you both in our lives.

Auntie Darlene


Teddi's big yawn