Robbie 2006-2019

Big handsome Robbie was reserved, an independent thinker, polite , obedient (after careful consideration of any request) and never destructive. He loved his stuffies.. 

aka Rookie, he was 5 1/2 when he came from England to BC with family and later to WRC.He joined our family in 2014 at the age of 8. We loved him instantly as did our  westie Mac who was 13 yrs. old .

Robbie was an interesting, wonderful and loyal  boy. His special ’strut’ turned many heads when we were out and about, he loved to be the recipient of much admiration. Over the 5 1/2 short years with him, age and arthritis slowed him down, but ramps were built and a stroller was acquired. People who knew him loved to see his whiskery face under the hood of the stroller and he loved the attention.

Unfortunately his most debilitating issues could not be reversed and it broke our hearts to say goodbye to him in May

 RIP our handsome boy we will never forget you and thanks for being such a special part of our lives


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