Permanent Rescues

On this page are our permanent fosters because of their high vet bills,although they are in "permanent" foster homes, Westie Rescue Canada pay the bills for these dogs. Your donations will help us to be able to continue to care for these dogs. If you would like to help with the costs of of their care, please go to our Donate page. Receipts for income tax purposes are issued for all donations over $25.00



LUKA aka Lala     

This very sweet 9 year old male came into rescue in July 2013 after having spent his life in the basement of his home, not allowed upstairs. It would seem that he was taken outdoors but walked very little. Despite having horrendous skin issues, this dog had not been to a vet in 7 years. When he came into rescue he had shin infections, eye infections, ear infections and a bladder infection. The family were apparently moving back to their home country and luckily turned him in to rescue. Lala flew with a very nice young man who volunteered to take him (in the cabin) to Edmonton  to a wonderful foster home for rehabilitation. He had some wonderful care both from Dr. Abbey and from his  foster family. After 4 months he was in a much healthier state and in November flew back to Vancouver, in the cabin, accompanied by a volunteer from Pilots & Paws to his new foster home.. He is now called Luka and he and his new foster Mum have bonded very quickly.He has had some extensive dental work done and his skin issues are still a work in progress. He is a very lucky little boy who will live out the rest of his life with all the love he so deserves and never knew. He is currently a permanent foster so that Westie Rescue of Canada can help with  his extensive vet bills but hopefully when his health issues are under control he can be adopted outright  by his foster Mum.




JACK a.k.a. Sydney rescued June 2010
Jack  was 5 years old when turned into rescue.
He had horrible skin issues and very long toenails that were curling into his footpads. He was a very sad little boy.
With proper veterinary care a loving foster home and two other Westies to play with, Jack is doing very well.
His name was changed because he is now so happy in his foster home that he runs around like a Jack Rabbit. Because of his skin issues, Jack will probably remain a permanent foster with WRC. As a result, any financial help with his care will be greatly appreciated.


Toby 5
Toby March23 2015-2 Toby July 192015  1
Toby July 192015  2

Toby is a 6 year old Alberta boy that has been surrendered to rescue so that he could receive the care he needed. His Mom was a single Mom with 4 children and she just could not manage his vet bills. He has severe skin issues that, without proper care sadly progressed to a serious condition (see photos March 2015).Toby has a great temperament and is very sweet, and even with his skin issues, he is likes to play with his new Westie house mate! Toby travelled all the way from his home in southern Alberta up to Edmonton with a lovely lady from Windy City Canine Rescue. On Toby’s travel day to Edmonton,  Alberta experienced one of their spring storms. It was a long day  as they were faced with bad roads and highway closures and weren’t sure if they could continue. They almost turned back! Toby must have had a Guardian Angel looking over him because he did make it safe and sound! He is currently in foster care with Westie Rescue of Canada and will receive all the vet care that he needs to get his issues under control. Once his skin issues are on the mend, Toby will be available for adoption.
An update on Toby (September 2015)
Toby is doing extremely well. Kudos to Dr. Abby in Edmonton for his great care and to Toby's great foster Mum for her care and attention in bringing this little guy around. A lot of dedication was required, especially in the beginning. This included bathing 3 times per week, frequent visits to the vet, and of course the right medication. Bathing is now down to once a week and his meds are greatly reduced, some even eliminated. He still is not 100% but has made huge strides in his recovery. Check out Toby's pictures. Watch for more updates.
 Be sure to watch for updates on Toby’s progress. If you would like to help with the costs of Toby’s care, please go to our Donate page. Receipts for income tax purposes are issued for all donations over $25.00

GREAT NEWS! Toby has now been adopted, see his success story here!

Lucky Christmas Hat 2014


This little boy came into rescue at 3 years of age because of his health issues. He had very severe skin problems with major areas of baldness. His allergies  are being dealt with. He has made major strides and his hair has grown back. He still has flare ups with his skin but they are now manageable. Aside from the allergy problem, Lucky is a wonderful little boy. He is very happy, has a great temperament and loves the world.


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