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We have a new little rescue -a little girl who is 9 years young!  She  was turned into a shelter as her family didn't have enough money to keep her. It was discovered when she came to the shelter that she has developed diabetes and is losing her eyesight. However she still sees some images and manages very well.  Holly has very acute hearing and comes running if the treat jar or the fridge is opened. She is on insulin and seems to be doing quite well. The insulin is given AM and PM and other than that she lives a normal life. She is very sweet and loving. She needs a regular diet and regular exercise. This little girl is in a temporary foster home. The folks would love to keep her but the lady's work schedule takes her away thru the week and Holly is having to go to daycare which of course is not ideal.  We would love to find a caring, loving home for this little girl who desperately wants someone to love and cuddle with.
We took in a 10 year old little girl with diabetes last summer and with regular exercise and diet, she is now thriving.
Would you be willing to give this little one the great home she deserves?

20171223_141910 (2)

Ella & Wilson

Ella and Wilson. These two lovely westies have come into rescue because of a change in family circumstances. Their Dad has gone into care and their Mum is busy working long hours and just didn’t feel it was fair to the two dogs to spend so much time alone. Ella (age 8) has some issues with her vision, however it is NOT a progressive disease and she manages quite well. Wilson(age 7) has some skin issues but they are manageable with medication. They need a home together.

Robbie.This little fellow was picked up as a stray. Thought to be about 3.  He is a sweet little fellow with no major issues, possibly may have skin problems but we have no history on him.

Robbie (VI)

Maddie (2)

Maddie . This 10 year old lovely Westie was turned into rescue because her Westie companion passed away. Her Mum, who now has to work long hours feels that it is not fair to leave her on her own and wishes to find her a home where she will have someone with her most of the time.

Maggie Mae. This 9 year old Westie is a real determined little girl and has been thru a lot in her life. Originally rescued from a puppy mill, her first rescuer eventually had to go into a care home and so Maggie moved on to her next home. This next owner unfortunately needed to go into palliative care so Maggie has now come into rescue. She is very friendly but a very stubborn little miss - typical Westie personality!

Maggie Mae (VI)
Holmes (2)

Holmes. This 7 year old male Westie is in need of a home by himself.  He is a happy go lucky guy but he doesn’t like to share his home with another dog.

Maximus. This 3 year old little male Westie was turned into rescue because he snapped at the youngest child in the home. Circumstances are unknown.. Otherwise he seems like an active little guy who loves life.


Maggie .This 9 year old little lady has been turned into rescue because her elderly parents have moved into a Seniors facility and they cannot take her with them. She is diabetic and has the very start of some sight issues. A very sweet, affectionate little girl.

Lucy. This 3 year old female was turned into rescue because she would not get along with the other Westie in the home. She is a very sweet, active little girl who does have some allergy issues.

IMG_1868 (2)


This 7 year old boy has come into rescue because his family was having difficulties dealing with his skin issues. He is a very active little fellow who lived with small children but when they would spill crumbs on the floor, he would hoover the floor and his allergies would flare. Time and the cost of dealing with his health issues just became too much to deal with and so he has come into rescue.

If you would like to foster a rescue , please complete the application form to foster/adopt a Westie.

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