MISSY   April 3, 2013

WRC brought Missy to us on February 12, 2003  - just in time for Valentine's Day !!  From the moment she entered our front hall and ran to meet us, we were smitten with this beautiful little girl !
Missy was so very quiet  and well behaved for the first two weeks , that we becoming quite concerned about her well being,  We were delighted when we heard her rocketing around the living room with a toy and knew that she was finally feeling she was home and safe.

Missy loved for going for long walks, short and long car rides, camping, sailing, hiking and cuddling when ever given the chance.  She was a cheerful camper full of pluck, always ready to do anything as long as she was with us.  Missy had a preference for white colored toys, and frequently slept with them tucked under her chest as if they were her puppies - all of them are in perfect condition after 10 years of her care!
Missy was the only dog that we have ever had,  who would trill when she was especially happy and always cocked her head to one side when we spoke to her.  Lavish kisses were her trade mark welcome.
Throughout her 10 years with us, Missy endured many medical problems - often two issues occurred at the same time - and finally, she developed a form of lupus which caused her great pain. Within a very short time, we had to make the right, though difficult decision to stop her suffering.
Missy was such a trooper - so full of spunk and lots of kisses!  She was a very special dog, and we loved her greatly.  She shared many happy adventures with us and was always ready for more.
Missy brought so much joy and happiness to Keith and I, and we  are missing our dear, sweet Westie gal more than words can tell -  She was the best!

Thank you, WRC, for allowing Missy to be a part of our family.

Jan and Keith Simpson

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