Maddie & Hallie

Maddie March 2007- February 2020

Hallie  May 2009 - December 2019

Maddie I miss your smile, bright pink ears and the way you were always within eyesight of me and was always ready for a playtime with Hallie, full out run around and tumble everyday.  We brought you into our home 2 1/2 years ago and that was the best decision we did!  Thank you to Westie Rescue of Canada for bringing us together!  

Hallie I know you knew what was being said - such a smart dog.  Always greeting piano students and I’m sure that’s why my students have lessons so they could see you.  Such a loyal companion and sweetheart.  

 Both have left such a hole in our family's hearts and to have left us so close together is hard to deal with.  We’ll always treasure the time we’ve had with you both.