Mac Douggie  2016
McDouggiebeautiful in kitchen
Douggie on floor 2015

Mac Douggie March 20, 2015 to February 15, 2016

 A small male West Highland White terrier was living for 6 weeks at the pound in Vancouver,  while they tried to find the owner. No one claimed him and so he was turned over to Westie Rescue of Canada. He came to live with us. We named him Mac Douggie and called him Douggie. He was a lovely dog with typical Westie attitude.  Ignoring our senior cat he settled in quickly claiming the only comfortable chair in the house as his. Typical for his breed he loved people and was quite indignant when passersby on his walk did not stop to pet him.  Being petted was his favorite;  anything to prevent him from walking. Occasionally on a nice day he behaved like a puppy chasing crows and meeting with other dogs.  His medical resume kept building: damaged teeth, seizure, cataracts in both eyes, arthritis and the most difficult of all to manage- atopic dermatitis. Car rides were his favorite and short walks in the heart of Kitsilano. He "suffered" from toy aggression, however, we made great progressand while playing he sometimes pushed his toy in our hands!  Also, he did tricks for his meals indicating that he was taught by previous owners.  We never knew how old he was but twelve years seemed most likely. He was a feisty little, handsome guy.

 He lived with us only for 11 months before cancer took him. We loved him; he brought us joy, companionship  and entertainment.