Luka 2019

Luka 2004 - 2019

Who rescued who? That is how I sum up my years with Luka! He came strolling into my life in 2013 as a permanent rescue and changed my life forever.  I know I changed his.

His original name was Lala. I knew I needed to change his name. He had been basement bound for the first 9 years of his life, so I thought I would name him after the town in Italy called Lucca, which means light.

I remember the first time he started running in my yard. Such joy! He was free!  His pads were quite tender when I first got him, but they quickly hardened up with all of our walks.

Slowly he came to trust me and when he napped belly up on my couch, I knew he felt secure.
I have so many wonderful memories of Luka. From defiantly peeing on my couch to snuggles and kisses on the floor, and when he was older, feeling his cold nose on my leg as he figured out who it was.

I will never forget his happy dances after a bath, his love of car rides and sticking his head out the window, the way he used to howl when the telephone rang, the way his whole body wagged, his handsome face, how he put up with me taking hundreds of photos of him. He used to accompany me to all my gardening gigs. I’d get him nice and cosy with a blanket and he would snooze.  He always let me know when it was time to go with a bark or two.

He was such a stoic little dog and rarely complained even with all his ailments. Only in the few months before he passed did he let on that he was so uncomfortable.

A quietly proud dog with a heart as wide as the ocean. A light for me in the dark  Always in my heart dear Luka.

Thank you Westie Rescue of Canada for the privilege of caring for him