Jock 2015

JOCK rescued 2008

      Our dear little Jock died in my arms June 2nd, 2015. He came to live with us seven years before with his brother ,Jamie, after a bumpy first few years. What joy they brought into our life! Jock was always the leader, the explorer, the loving one. He was curious about everything that went on around him but was tolerant toward everyone - except mice and squirrels! He would come skiing with us in the winter,sailing and kayaking in the summer. There was nothing that he loved more than his walks. Three years ago, when the northern Alberta winters became too much for my husband and myself, The Boys came with us to Mexico for six months. They loved it and the neighbours loved them, especially Jock who was known at "The Angel". Jamie was called "The Rebel". Two years ago Jock was accidentally run over by a Jeep. He underwent four surgeries to repair the damages and, even though the vet said to keep him quiet, he still wanted to go for his walks. He tried so hard, dragging his leg behind him, stitched from stem to stern. What a big heart and such determination! His eyes were always filled with love, his tongue ready for a little kiss. He was always happy and even tempered, loving and giving. We all miss him terribly.