Jamie 2018
Jamie 2018

 Jamie rescued 2008

What a special dog Jamie was. He really didn’t think that he was a dog at
all but a human part of the family. People were afraid of his growl until we
finally figured out that he was just trying to talk to us.

He came to our family in with his beloved brother Jock. One was never sure who you loved the best- Jock who knew that he was a dog or Jamie who didn't. Jamie was inconsolable when Jock died. After all they had been inseparable throughout the many homes that they had had until they found their forever home with us. Jamie just learned to rely and trust us more.
He lived a grand life to almost his 16th birthday. He loved car rides, sailing, going to Mexico for the winter, walks, the grand kids and food! He died of an enlarged heart. How fitting for an independent, loving and unique dog.

 We will all miss him terribly. He will always be remembered with a smile.

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