Jake 2015

Jake Forshner (February 2001 - August 2015)


Jake wasn’t in our lives for very long, but the love we shared for each other was timeless. We adopted Jake in February 2007. He was 7 years old and battling skin allergies and really didn’t like children very much.
 We know he was loved in his previous home but for some reason, We’ll never understand,
he was turned in to Westie Rescue of Canada.

From the moment we took him into our home we knew it was a match made in heaven.
We got his allergies under control so he was able to live a more comfortable life.

He quickly became part of the family. From playing with our miniature poodle, becoming best friends with our second rescue ”Maggie” another Westie, to snuggling up with anyone who would take the time to rub his belly. We had 7 years with him.  Not enough. Not nearly enough.

Our hearts are still hurting but know in time they will heal and become happy, loving memories of our sweet, old gentleman. Thank you!

Frank and Judy Forshner