Foster a Westie

You don’t have to be a “Westie” person to help with rescuing a needy dog. Westie Rescue of Canada is always on the lookout for potential, good foster homes. Be prepared – we will ask you LOTS of questions as we want to make sure you are well-equipped to deal with foster dogs whose background may sometimes be unknown. We will also want to know if you are able to deal with the medical needs of some dogs that come in to rescue. Westie Rescue is not for the faint of heart and there are times when difficult decisions have to be made when dealing with some of the Westies that may come into our care.


Donations of money, time, services (grooming, boarding, transportation, etc) and provisions (such as dog food, blankets, towels, grooming supplies, food dishes, dog toys, etc) are always needed to ensure that all Westies requiring rescue and adoption services get the help they
require – and the care they deserve. Many foster homes provide much of these items, however when one home had had several fosters, it is nice to be able to help them out with some of these items.


Dependable volunteers who are ready and able to help with transportation, contacting shelters, veterinary clinics, humane societies or breeders are also in demand. As well, any volunteer willing to help with fundraising activities would be welcomed with open arms.

Volunteers are also needed to monitor the many rescue bulletin boards and e-mail lists on the internet to keep an eye and ear open for any Westies in need. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous people also lurk in these areas hoping to get a free Westie for breeding, so we need to know about any potential Westie needing a new home in Canada as soon as possible

Online and Downloadable Forms

NOTE: Please ensure you have read through our Policies and Procedures document before completing any of our online forms.

All information received by WRC is kept in the strictest of confidence. None of your information will be sold or shared with any third-party outside of WRC.

Please ensure you enter your CORRECT email address when completing any of our forms. We cannot contact you if you do not provide an accurate and current email address. Once your form has been received, a representative from WRC will be in touch with you shortly thereafter. Thank you!
Click the link to open the adoption form in Word

Adopt/Foster Form in Word

Please note that the form will open as a word document, complete form, save to your computer and then attach to an email to

or send by mail:
Westie Rescue of Canada c/o 227 Newdale Court North Vancouver, B.C. V7N 3H2