Cubby '15
cubby looking important

CUBBY (a.k.a.. Chubby)    1999 - 2015

I will always remember Cubby as a sweet, goofy, loveable dog.   When he first came to join Gimli, my first Westie, and I, he was 14.  I could not  imagine an old dog ripped from his home at his age so I felt that I would try to give him a good end of life.
Cubby had some issues because of his past abuse.  The second day here, he refused to come in the house, barking at his right front foot.  His "meltdowns" would last for 30 minutes to 3 hours with no way to stop him.  After visits to the vet, we found that there was no medical reason for the "meltdowns" so now I had to start his training to get him to stop.  I found out later that the former owner would take him for walks when he had a "meltdown".  After three weeks, the "meltdowns" stopped and he began to understand that there was no need for acting out as he now got walks regularly.

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