Brodie 2015
Brodie 2000-20152

BRODIE rescued 2008

Sadly in July I had to say good-bye to my little friend Brodie.  He came to stay with me seven years ago and was a wonderful, happy and busy boy.  At the time I had Robbie, also a Westie Rescue  who had a very bad skin condition but still managed to be a sweet, gentle little dog and I think Brodie helped take his mind off his itchy skin.  I thoroughly enjoyed having these little fellows and would like to thank Westie Rescue for making this possible.  Brodie developed diabetes  almost two years ago and did very well and coped with being totally blind the last year (it is amazing how well they adapt).  He knew where everything in the house was and had his own special route in the backyard and would have been 15 years old this September.


Brodie  Robbie
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