camping with Dad and Baxter (2)
Bonnie 2

Bonnie  (aka  Duchess)   April 7/07- April 24/19

Oh Bonnie you had such Moxy. You were afraid of nothing and no one.  One of your favourite things to do was to sneak into the garden and no way would you let me catch you nor would you come when I called unless you heard that tone.   Everything was a game to you and you made us laugh so much. 

There were so many funny moments with you and I laugh til I cry. I would give anything to hear those clanging food dishes that would drive me crazy because you would lick them long after your food was gone.

When you got WLD I figured it was the end and I was devastated but you fought on and with the medication and the laser treatments it gave us so much more time together and they were precious times. It was still not long enough.

Thank you my little wild girl for all the joy and fun  and love you brought to us.We will miss you forever Miss B. Breath easy now little girl. We love you.

Bonnie & Baxter3