I was so lucky when Bobby picked me to be his forever “Mom” at a WRC event I attended with a friend and fellow Westie owner in 2005.   It was love at first sight. 

Bobby showed no emotional signs of the hard life he had before being rescued by WRC although he still had to endure quite a few physical and medical issues, Bobby just carried on and would let nothing get in his way.  He had such a great spirit, it was like he realized that it was finally time for him to enjoy life and have fun!

Bobby loved going for walks, going to doggie day care and coming to work with me.  People would just light up at the site of his sweet face!  One of his favorite things to do was to roll his red ball around that was stuffed with treats until they all fell out. 

Bobby was such a wonderful and funny little guy.  For no apparent reason, he would sometimes start barking like crazy and running in circles, his happy dance!  Funnily enough, he would only circle to the left.  He would be so happy and excited to see me, even when he woke up from a short nap!  He was full of kisses and I am so grateful for the time I had with him.

Although he had many medical issues, Bobby never showed any signs of it, he was a tough little guy.  Bobby was diagnosed with massive stomach tumors in the spring of 2010 and he never recovered although he was his sweet loving self, right up to the end.  He was gone in a matter of weeks.

I am very grateful to WRC that they entrusted such a sweet and wonderful soul to me and that I was blessed to have nearly five wonderful years with Bobby.  He brought such joy and happiness to me.  He taught everyone who met him and knew his story to trust and forgive and live life to the fullest.

I miss him dearly and love him always.

Loved by Donna Jurgens


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