Billie (2)


Billie came to me along with his brother Teddi  in June  2007. The boys were 10 years old. Never did I then think that I would only have 5 short years with sweet Billie.
Billie was quite reserved at first, he didn’t like to be picked up or bothered in any way. He was much more high strung than Teddi. Once I discovered some of the things he liked, he came around. His favourite was jumping into the kiddie pool we got him. He only liked the water as high as his tummy but he would walk around in circles refreshing himself in the Summer sun!
Eventually I could pick him up and he would only give a slight grunt as if to say I’m not sure about this! About a year later, we started to have some time together before his bedtime. I would pick him up and sway a little, he loved it! I think it was the sense of security and love. We were done when he would lick my left ear and nose.I would put him in his favorite chair he loved to sleep in and he was a content little boy. Little did he know, I got much more out of our time together than he did.
Billie also loved going on walks! The minute you took his collar and lead off the hook, he was running around in circles. He was not the leader though, that was Teddi’s bossy way. Billie was an excellent follower, marking on the exact same spot Teddi had just marked!
Billie always seemed a healthy boy. No skin issues, no problems at all, until his eyesight started to fail in late 2012 and then he developed urinary tract problems. Cancer was discovered and it was just a matter of weeks before we had to let him go to Rainbow Bridge.

Not a day goes by that Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Darlene, Uncle Joe and I don’t have you in our thoughts. We all miss you! Your brother Teddi will howl sometimes just out of the blue and we know it's because he misses you too!
I will cherish the memories of you always!

Love your Dad,

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