Baxter  Dec. 4/2005-Dec. 27/2017

My sweet boy Baxter we miss you every single day. I still look out into the back yard and I imagine you still there patrolling your yard watching that no cats came into your yard. I miss the slam of the doggie door whenever you were sure one climbed the fence, so off you would fly out the door and down the step and give that warning bark to all those terrible cats from the neighbourhood. Not really sure how many you actually saw. I miss how you would run and get your harness when it was time for your walk and I am still pretty sure you could tell time. You blossomed so much when you come to us and you were so tolerant of wild and crazy Bonnie. She was the boss of everyone and you let her be. I will miss you forever sweet boy. Thank you for bringing such joy and love into our hearts. The house is so empty without you. Love you Mr.

Bonnie & Baxter2