Angus 2016
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In Memory of Angus Weaver
May 2004 - July 2016

Angus was the love of our life. He came to us from Westie Rescue of Canada at the age of 9 and lived with us until his passing in July 2016.

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He overcame and lived with many chronic health issues during those few short years and even though there were days he struggled he always had the strength to get back up on his feet and give us lots of kisses and tail wags!

He was never into going for lengthy walks and he would let you know when he had gone far enough by sitting down, planting his feet firmly in brake mode€¯ and wait until we turned around and headed for home. He was so happy when his Mum bought him a dog buggy so he could be pushed along in it and go for long walks alongside the lake....

His dislikes were the vacuum, spin mop for the floors and the TV commercial for the Swiffer floor mop where the doorbell rang.

His loves were anytime, anywhere for a carried, a patch of warm sunshine to lay in or the warm spot in front of the fireplace in Winter and of course FOOD.

Although our beloved boy is now gone, he knows he was loved for the few short years we had him and his spirit is forever in our hearts and our home.

Jack & Jan Weaver

West Kelowna, BC